My Love Letter

IMG_20140922_204007 Dear Love,

I thought I missed you many years ago when I was so sad and didn’t know who you were or where to find you. I cried many nights and had an emptiness inside me that could not be filled. One day I thought I found you. Called your name but you didn’t answer. So I settled for someone who looked like you. We got along for a little while but a big storm blew through and tore us to shreds.

I didn’t recognize myself after that. I took a long trip to regain myself and get back on track. I didn’t understand Love how not having you in my life would become so tragic. I really believed that anyone could fill your shoes. But sadly that was not true.

When I returned from my trip I took my time looking for you. This time I knew the sound of your voice because you spoke my name so softly. I also knew your touch because it ignites a passion that burns endlessly. Your words touch every part of my being telling a story only you could know. One pulled straight from my heart and soul, like you have been living inside me forever.

Love I found you in the strangest place, but I recognized you right away. It was unmistakable that I belonged to you and you to me. Your presence brought a sureness, peacefulness and wholeness. You picked me up in your strong arms, lifted me, and kissed me. You told me that you would never hurt me or leave me and would always protect me. Love you came with so much. You took me so high. I always want to experience you! Let’s stay together for eternity!

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