Dominant Love (Raw Erotica)

I welcome the magic of my friend and mentor The Black Poe as I share an erotic piece he crafted. This piece is powerful and will render you speechless and full of passion just like it did for me. Enjoy your conversation with his raw imagination!


Dominant Love

Never have I been blessed enough to lay my eyes on the intensely immense vision of pure beauty as I have right at this moment
My thoughts, wild thoughts, vivid, immaculate, animistic thoughts, encapsulate my inhibitions, my desire to resit her they circumvent

Shall I follow my instincts, my inner calling to devour her lustfully, attempt to engage her sexually, to unhinge the latch of the cage, in order to disquiet the sexual entity that lies beneath the surface of me.

This woman has caught wind of my conscience’s psychogenic struggle between the id that is attempting to drive my predatory instincts, my egocentric state that will calculate the realistic consequence that the resulting duality of love and hate shall ultimately generate, and the super-ego, the moral encompassing superhero questioning if hours of passion will be right if it feels critically wrong as intimate moments pass along
In a calculated attempt to further show contempt for my dilemma, this ebony seductress, dilatory in her action, turned her back to me and sensually disrobed, and showed her flawless, perfectly symmetrical body to me.

My temptress turned her head ever so slightly, her eyes captured mine, as she smiled at the god ever so devilishly
Faded away was now my moral compass, in its place was the saliva formed by my figurative taste of such an ass
To put into physical description, what my vision peered apon is akin to mere novice attempting to recreate a conflict in which there is no derision.

I closed my eyes and conceded defeat, opened my arms and beckoned her to come hither so that her feigned innocence and the tantric marauder that is me may meet

My goddess, sauntered backward into my arms, her ass planted firmly against my chest, reached down, took hold of my hands, and guided them up to her breast.
My intimate nature was now capable, inhibitions completely permissible, my staff stood firm, my tongue entirely able, the time has approached for me to devour this nymph as only a strong sensationalistic pussy warrior dares to do.

I removed my hands from her breast, without any wasted effort nor energy, I positioned my left hand in the most equidistant place on her back, while I occupied her sugar wall street with my right, protesting up and down her avenue with my fingers. With each impinging motion of my fingers, her pussy responded quaked ever so slightly, releasing nature’s mist upon me. 

Her back, I pushed forward with my left hand, instructing her to place her palms firmly on the floor. I evacuated her clitoral dwelling and sought shelter back at the place that started this all. I guided her body forward a few feet which created space for me to drop down the floor from the chair in which I was sitting. Lifting her rear ever so lightly I picked her up and secured her chocolate space to my face, opened my mouth, and feasted on her body. I craved the succulent taste of her ass, and my aim was to satisfy that desire to dine by any means necessary. Minutes seemed like hours, as I nibbled, licked, and sucked on her asshole. My body instinctively reacted to her movements. It was time to take things further.

I commanded her to turn and face me. She followed my orders and that pleased me. I instructed her to climb atop my shoulders and straddle my face. Once she was in position, I next gave her an order to bend her body backwards, arch her spine, and place my dick inside of her mouth. Our bodies formed the shape of the intertwining letters L and D, as we pleasured one another orally. I could feel her cumming again and again and again, all the while I combated the urge to release my seed deep down into the throngs of her esophagus. Noticing that I was testing the limits of my erotic precipice, the temptress, fastened her hands to my thighs, flipped her legs over to land on her feet, increasing the leverage and pressure by which she pleasured me orally, absorbing my member until it was no longer visible. One continuous motion, after another, her saliva fully crested, spilled from her rima oris, and pooled inside of my navel. My body begged me to let this woman deliver the oral coup de grace, but my mind held steadfast. This moment of bliss would not end our night.

I snapped my fingers and she released me. My knees were now reduced to a gelatinous state. I struggled to climb to my feet. She chuckled, which in turn brought a smile to my face. “Is that funny?” I asked her, attempting to bait her, into a challenge by which my dick would eradicate her erotic beatitude. She nodded yes, and initiated her sultry promenade through the walkway, entered my bedroom, crawled enticingly onto my bed. I followed closely behind, her thick, juicy behind, leaving behind, my resting place and the trail of passion we left behind.

I told her to raise to her knees, bend over, clasp her hands, and implant her forearms firmly onto the mattress. Grabbed the sides of her hips, and took a moment to admire the pulchritudinous derriere, before I spread her open and invited myself in. Upon penetration, the blood coursed through my veins at a heightened pace due to the effusion of this blissful, euphoric emotion. She moaned a long, slow moan as each inch of me integrated our separate beings, to create one wanton entity. She turned her head and whispered for me to go a bit faster, to fuck her just a tad harder. I leaned over, kissed her on the back of her neck, and delivered her order.

The thunderous claps of our bodies colliding resonated throughout the silent room. Her feint moans transformed into primal caterwauls caused by my barbaric, intensely bestial todger insertions. “Yes! My fucking god yes!” she wailed. I could feel her climax, repeatedly. What a rush. The more aggressive I became, the whiter and wetter her pussy became.

I aggressively forced her body onto her back, never removing myself from inside of her, savagely stroking through each inch of her half rotation. I placed her right leg onto my shoulder and trapped her left leg below my right, locking it between the bow of my knee. I drew back my hips, then slowly re-entered my prey, plunging my sword slowly into her open flesh, figuratively killing her softly. She seized my hands and lodged them around her neck. I looked my temptress deep in her eyes, and I saw that she willingly submitted her body and soul to this concupiscent deity. Before she let my hands go, she asked me to bless her mind with words, as I laid her body to rest.

I tightened my grip, then started the mental mastery of intellectual fornication.

“You are the woman by which I have developed the standard that all other women must bear in order for me to so much as notice them. To say that I love you my darling would only bastardize the linguistic order of this romantic language and disregard all rules of masculinity in how a true gentleman professes his deepest most heartfelt human emotions to the one who effectively give him life. To ask how much I truly love you, how deeply I truly care for you is akin to asking a single solitary ant to carry the sands of the Sahara to the shores of Maine one tiny grain of sand at a time. It is impossible.”

Her breathing had become faster, her eyes began to drift off into the back of her head. The walls of her vagina constricted around me. I neared my apex, the sexual summit or my erected state. I squeezed a little bit tighter, and continued my diatribe,

“Sin usted mi amor, el hombre que soy, dejaría de existir. Es el aire que respiro. La razón que tengo la voluntad para vivir. La voluntad para llegar a ser más que lo que soy. Coloco nadie más. (Without you my love, the man I am, would cease to exist. You are the air that I breathe. The reason that I have the will to live. The will to become more than what I am. I place no one else above you. No other love of this world before you.)

“You changed my world, and changed my life. You are all I want, and everything I need.”

The tears began to roll down her face, as they have already rolled down mine. I released my grip of her throat, and lowered her leg from my shoulder. We looked into each others eyes, and time stood still. I sat up on the bed, and motioned for her to straddle me. We wrapped our legs around each other from that position. I opened my arms and pulled her body as close to mine as physically possible. We shared an ever lasting kiss. That kiss was the spark that ignited the fuse of our orgasms, which allowed our life’s forces to coalesce. I unwrapped my legs and slowly fell backwards, pulling her on top of me. Not another word was said. None needed to be said. She rested her head on my chest, and we both blissfully drifted off into the realm of dreams.

The Black Poe

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