Heavenly Love

Heavenly LoveThe pain was real
The pain of childbirth
The hours of waiting
To see who would emerge

The love was instant
The love for the little person
Who stole my heart
My time, my life

The shock was stinging
The shock to find out
That she would not stay
To grow, to be all
I expected her to be

The road was hard
The road to freedom
That would ultimately
Release the pain
The love, the shock

The healing was sweet
The healing from the
Open wounds created by
The pain, the love and
The shock endured
On that long dark road

I saw her face
I saw her smile
I felt her touch
She gave me my life
My love, my heart

She saved me from
The dark ugly path
Of death that tried
to swallow me up

She visited me
In a dream
She smiled and
Showed me what was next
Showed me her wings
The wings she wore
The day she ascended high above

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