“My muse’

Beautiful words that demonstrate the power of love and how it affects the heart of a man. I particularly like that he calls her his “muse” because I too am that for my man. His fuel, part of his creative flow, his other part, and am quite honored to be that for him. So it is with thoughts of him that I reblog this and dedicate it to him. Fedora loves you. Peace!




My muse

You are love and I’m  no-one. You came to me with haunting words awakening the want of love, dance and song.
Your gentle voice awoke my dying spirit. Your kind  words and  sweet whispers opening new sweet dreams.

Now I dream of my beautiful Katie. I dream of night drinking espresso in the city of lights. Roaming the London streets looking for a cozy Pub to drink, talk and dance.

You told me. Johnnie, you will be okay. You must live to sing song of love to my willing ears. We will act like children. laying nude in bed of silk till the afternoon sun. Finding places where lovers can be free in tender touch and wild heart.

Yesterday I searched for a good way to die. Today I dream of the fragrant of your warm skin near. Your beautiful face close and hearing your whispers  of the…

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