Best Intentions

Nice “real” post about being spread too thin. Enjoy and I hope you get something useful like I did.

Enigmatic Amor

I’m having trouble staying in a positive mindset when Mr. D is feeling down.I want to be there for him.I want to lift him up and make his spirit soar the way he makes mine fly when he shows his ‘Daddy’ level of care and most especially when he dominates me and makes me drift in sub space.

I seem to take on the same feelings of being down, the same feelings of despair and lately I see myself stumbling through the love and care I so desperately wish to offer.I doubt myself and then I question if I’m being good to and for him.I know better.I need to ignore the doubts and overly personal nature of my feelings and serve him.

I am stretched too thin and I see it affecting my service.I hadn’t written for him in weeks.Hearing his angston Sunday night,I thought ‘write something for…

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