Calor Butter – An Erotic Series

Calor Butter An Erotic Series

Sometimes she doesn’t really know what she needs or desires. She is constantly seeking one thing and getting something else. But this time she got both. What she desired and needed but not in one package. The duality of her personality makes it difficult for her to be satisfied by one man. There is that soft demure side that craves intimacy, touching, and kissing. This woman likes a man with a gentle touch and an experienced tongue, who knows how to take his time with her body. We will call her Butter because she is soft, creamy, and likes to melt slowly.

Then there is her other side the rojo caliente woman who’s hot to the touch. She likes it fast, rough, and passionate. Prefers a dominant man who knows how to put her fire out and start it up again on demand. We will call her Calor because she personifies heat. Their encounters are different but they share the same body. She has a tall bountiful chocolate body with full bouncy breasts and juicy soft ass. Every part of her body is soft to the touch which is a dream for any man. She shows off her curves and loves to entice them with cleavage from her ample bosom.

She has many admirers, some who lust after her and many who desire her. Rico is one of her admirers and he is hot for Butter. He is attracted to her natural beauty and desires her chocolate body. He sees her standing near the pier, the wind blowing her double split skirt revealing those full legs he loves to nibble on. The sun illuminates her deep brown skin making her appear like the true goddess she is. He walks up behind her and nibbles on her neck. She is immediately excited to feel his warmth against her skin. She melts right into his body as a signal for more. He responds by kissing her across the width of her shoulders down her arms and then he turns her head to devour her full lips.

He loves to taste her and she loves to be tasted. He turns her to face him and he kisses her lightly on her lips, then down her neck line stopping at her bosom. He kisses the top of both breasts. She throws her head back in ecstasy savoring the feel of his tongue on her body. Her body shivers as a light orgasm ripples through her. He slips his hand between her legs to touch her wetness. She wants him to put his fingers inside her but knows he will not. No short cuts for him. He wants it all.

Calor heard the roar of his engine and got wet because he was here. Finally she would get some relief from this heat that has been burning for days. Her leather mini skirt is sticking to her thighs but she doesn’t care. It causes a light rise when she walks. Positioned the right way you might get a glimpse of her clean shaven pussy. She looks at herself in the mirror to make sure she looks hot.

Big D commands the room, his dominance is so sexy and Calor willingly submits to all of his demands. She emerges from the ladies room and walks directly to him at his place by the bar. He gives her a serious look and takes in her body in one glance. He grabs her butt from behind and jams two of his fingers in her pussy. He directs her towards a table in the corner but does not remove his fingers. She obediently moves until he tells her to stop.

Once they reach the table he takes his cum soaked fingers out of her and puts them in her mouth. She licks them clean of all her juices and then he kisses her passionately to taste her cum. He loves the taste of her cum transferred through their tongues. She loves how he commands her body and lovingly takes what is his.

Calor Butter is an erotic fiction series that will open up the desires of one woman to the world. Check back here for the latest encounters of Calor Butter.

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