Best Friend

Best Friend
Photo by © I-bag | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Do you want it
Are you hungry enough
To let go of the thing
That is bringing you pain
So that you can move on

The pain has become your best friend
You wake up to her every morning
You have coffee together
You shower together

She commutes with you to work
Sharing the music the ride and the scenery

She is there when you see a new prospect
The woman who sparks
Something in you
But she holds on to you
So tightly  for fear you will let her go

She wedges herself
Between  the prospect and your life
She will not be replaced
Be moved
No one will take her place

I am your best friend buddy!
We have been through so much
Done so much together
She can’t be your best friend
Like i can
No you can’t turn to her
When you wake up
She can’t have coffee with us
No! No!
I won’t  let her

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