Just some of my thoughts on…Broken men


I have only loved four men and three of them were broken. Some were well meaning and had big hearts but brokeness affects a relationship. Broken men take huge chunks out of you. We may be able to love a broken man but we can’t fix them. Sometimes our love for them makes us want to fix them. But we can’t.

Some broken men can kill any type of relationship you try to have with them. They may need much more nurturing, support, and reassurance. They may not take the lead in the relationship and look to their woman or other resources  (other than God) for coping,  confirmation, and direction.

So can you love a broken man? Yes, but only a broken woman will stay with a  broken man. I am not broken anymore. As I became whole I found that I could not live in brokeness anymore. A new perspective brought new expectations, new desires, and a new life.

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