Calor Butter – Rico Melts Butter

Rico Melts Butter

The conference drained her. All that talking and the information overload killed her stimulation. Now she wished she were not alone on this trip. She could really use a good session of lovemaking to release some of this stress. Her work keeps her so busy that she hardly has time to meet men much less make love to them. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was a hot looking woman and missed the touch of a man on her body. Perhaps a drink would help, she thought.

She pulled out her sexy black dress, which fits all the curves of her body. She packed it just in case she needed to attract the right attention. She took a shower, did her hair and makeup, then looked at herself in the full-length mirror.

“Wow, you’re hot!” She said, winking at herself in the mirror.

The hotel lobby was busy with lots of people gambling, talking, and moving around. She made her way through the crowd of people into the lounge. She surveyed the room rather quickly. Most of the people were coupled up but there were a few single men hanging around the bar, so she decided to sit at the bar.

“Miss, would you like a table?” The host said.

“Good evening.  No, I would like to sit at the bar please.” She replied.

“Follow me.” He said and began to lead the way towards the bar.

He motioned towards an empty stool near the center of the bar, prime location too. Had he read her mind or perhaps the dress was a dead giveaway.  Once she was seated, the bartender placed a napkin in front of her and looked directly at her.

“What would you like to drink miss?” He asked.

“A shot of Crown Royal, on ice and a glass of Chardonnay.” She replied.

The bartender nodded his head and went to work fixing her drinks. The Crown Royal would take the edge off quickly, she thought. She went in her purse to find a cigarillo and her lighter. She placed it to her lips and was ready to light it. Flick! She heard the lighter sound and a flame appeared in front of her.

“May I?” A smooth sexy voice asked.

He light her cigarillo, she drew a deep pull of smoke, then released it slowly between her lips.

“Thank you.” She said turning to get a look at him.

She turned in his direction and was pleasantly surprised at the hunk of man that stood before her. He had a golden bronze complexion with a well groomed full beard, fine wavy black hair and the deepest blackest eyes ever. He was a polished man in a designer suit with gold cuff links on his shirt. She thought she saw his initials on them. He wasn’t very tall but she could see his body bulging through that suit. He was well built and smelled delicious.

The bartender returned with her drinks and she swallowed the Crown Royal down in one shot. She really needed it now. Her admirer watched her intently but did not say a word. She sipped on her wine and continued smoking.

I’ma care for you. You make it look like its magic. Cause I see nobody, nobody but you, you, you I’m never confused. Hey, Hey . The song blared out so loudly. She loved this song and began humming along.

“You like this song I see.” Her admirer said.

“Yes I do. It is very sexy.” She replied.

“Not as sexy as you in that dress pretty lady.” He stated.

She looked at him and thought to herself, “You may have hit the jackpot tonight.”

The heat was rising quickly but she didn’t know if it was her company or the Crown Royal. So she had to make a decision quickly. Should she wait for another opportunity or entertain the heat coming from this fine specimen. She turned her full body towards him making sure he had a full clear view of her breasts and thighs.

“Thank you. My name is Butter.” She said, extending her hand towards him.

“I’m sure you melt slowly Butter. I am Rico.” He replied, while taking her hand to his lips.

The pulses shot through her body as his soft lips touched her skin. Yes, she knew instantly that she wanted more of him. But she had to take her time. She pulled her hand back and continued sipping her wine.

“What brings such a beautiful woman like you to Vegas alone?” He asked.

“I am here on business, a conference.” She replied.

“Really which one CPA of America National Conference?” He asked.

“Why yes. How did you know?” She asked.

“I saw you this morning in one of the workshops. I was a presenter. I don’t think you noticed me. You looked rather bored.” He said with a chuckle.

“Was it that obvious?” She asked embarrassed.

“Only to those who were watching you as intently as I was.” He replied.

“Really?” She said.

“Yes. I would like to get to know you if you don’t mind.” He said.

“No, I would like that. How about we go somewhere quiet so we can talk?” She suggested.

“Sure, would you like to go for dinner?” He asked.

“We could order something in my suite.” She replied.

“Sounds good to me pretty lady. Lead the way.” He said, moving aside so that she could stand up.

She finished her wine, and then stood up. She was slightly taller than he was in her heels. But that was not a problem. They walked through the noisy lobby towards the elevator. Once inside the elevator he stood very close to her, kissing the back of her neck so softly. “Wow he works fast.” She thought as she closed her eyes, completely lost in his touch.

Ding! The elevator door opened and ended the moment. As they walked down the corridor, he watched her every move, taking in her entire stature. He was truly mesmerized by her natural beauty. Butter was oblivious to his observations of her as she stopped in front of the door to her suite.

Once inside the room she became very nervous. She moved around the room like a butterfly for several minutes before he stopped her in her tracks.

“Relax.” He said.

He lightly kissed her hand, up her forearm, her upper arm, her shoulder, her neck and stopped at her mouth.

“May I kiss you?” He asked.

“Yes.” She replied.

He kissed her so slowly and passionately. His soft lips released all the tension she was holding. She felt her heart rate slow to a normal pace, her thoughts began to quiet and she melted right into his arms. He led her towards the white sofa and gestured for her to lay down. He stood above her and took in every inch of her from head to toe. He continued with his kisses, on her forehead, her cheeks, her lips, and her neck. Then his lips found her bosom. He kissed the width of her cleavage, as his hands slowly moved the straps down over her shoulders, pulling the dress down to reveal her full breasts.

He admired her breasts beautifully encased in a lace fuchsia bra. He slipped his hand behind her back and quickly released it. He then removed the bra and pulled the dress down over the rest of her body. She lay there in only her panties. His lips continued their exploration of her body, kissing her plump breasts in a circular motion until he reached her nipples.

Butter never opened her eyes. She lay there suspended in the moment that he was creating, the sole recipient of his attention. She was both surprised and excited about the instant connection he had with her body. While he continued kissing her breasts his hands slipped down between her thighs. His fingers were invaded with her wetness. She attempted to push his fingers inside her, but he stopped her.

So she didn’t protest and allowed him to finish exploring her. Although this was his first time touching her, he instinctively knew how to touch her body in order to produce the results he was seeking. She threw her head back and enjoyed everything he was doing. Then it happened. “Mmmmm!!” She moaned loudly, as the orgasm hit her.

It felt so good to lay back and allow someone else to take control. She didn’t have to give him directions and he wasn’t expecting anything of her but pleasure. He watched her reactions and was pleased. Next he pulled off her panties. She was fully exposed before him, a stranger. It felt good, it felt right.

“You are so beautiful!” He said as he visually devoured her body.

He lifted her legs and began to explore the bottom half of her body with his tongue concentrating on her inner thighs. His kisses sent ripples of sensations through her body. Then he landed right on her clit. He admired it, then licked and sucked it until she began screaming in delight. He abruptly stopped right before she climaxed.

She was impressed with his precision and his ability to read her body’s reactions to him. He got up and pulled his clothes off, exposing his full erection. It was long, fat and bronze. Ready to taste all of her juices, he positioned himself on top of her, kissed her neck, her cheek, and then gave her a full tongue filled kiss. Then before she could respond to his kiss, he was inside her. She felt a wave of orgasms erupt from within her as he slowly embraced her wet pussy.

“Oh it’s so wet.” He said.

He moved a little faster, rhythmically going in and out of her pussy, while he kissed her passionately. He buried his face in her neck, stroked harder and whispered, “You are so damn sexy!”  She was completely lost in his pursuit of her passion. She did not respond to his comment. The orgasms came in ripples one after the other as he continuously stroked her harder and harder.

He lifted her left leg above his shoulder and continued his pursuit. He watched her face intently as he delved deeper inside her. The look of ecstasy on her face encouraged him to push harder, deeper and take her to the place she longed to be, to release her from the stress of her world. She gyrated her pelvis, pushing back as he stroked. They rocked together in unison until the beads of sweat began forming on their skin. But they did not stop. He kept stroking, feeling her heat, wetness and pussy take his entire dick. He felt that sensation begin to rise, but he was not done with her. She tasted so good on his dick and he wanted to devour her pussy some more.

He pulled out of her swiftly and began to eat her pussy ravaging it as though he had not eaten in days. She wrestled and pulled back because it was simply too much. She could not believe the way he made her feel. She was cumming so much that she felt like she would lose control. But he would not allow her to pull away. He gripped her legs and held her pussy in his mouth until the last squirt of cum touched his tongue.

It was only then that he released her legs and he reentered her wet pussy. He threw his head back in awe of how she felt on him. He stroked her harder this time, intent on releasing all he had. She wrapped her legs around his waist and met every stroke with a thrust of her pussy. They continued this way, he watched her face, she felt his body until finally he exploded.

“Ohhhhh shit!!” He said as his cum shot out into the condom.

He stroked a few more times before laying his entire body atop her. He was dripping with sweat and she was dripping with cum. Butter melted all over this hot passionate man.

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