Just some of my thoughts on…Life

Photo by Anna Lavender @discoverglobe

This life is not easy to navigate. I made a decision that I would only share the uplifting things on my blog. But the truth  is I am not always uplifted. Sometimes I get a little down. Doesn’t mean I don’t continue to love. I do. I always love.

I remembered one of my best friends today, whom I loved dearly, as I read our last text conversation. She was a phenomenal spirit who is truly missed. She died in March of a massive heart attack at 40 years old.

Many would struggle to understand why God took such a vibrant young soul home so early. She was not overweight did not have a chronic illness just stressed too much. Stress killed her because she constantly worried about things she could not change. Don’t get stuck on a path and refuse to make a turn because it could lead to a dead end.

Fedora loves you. Peace

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