Calor Butter – Big D Dominates Calor

Big D dominates Calor

Calor recovers quickly for she knows he is not finished. That was just foreplay. She loves serving Big D and gets much pleasure out of it. She is not exactly in the mood tonight but D has a way of making things happen. She enters the room and he is relaxing in his chair, smoking a cigar. She just loves his presence and the smell of his cigar. Everything about him turns her on. Whether in the mood or not Big D gets what he wants.

“Baby girl get your toy and get in position on the bed.” He commands.

“Yes, D.” She replies, as she hands him his beer.

She chooses the long gold dildo that warms to the touch. She takes off her robe and positions herself on all fours on the edge of the bed. She spread her legs wide and lays her hands out above her head and her head flat on the bed. She is ready for his pleasure. She feels his presence as he suddenly appears behind her.

He runs his hand softly across her arse, and slaps her right cheek hard. She does not flinch. He continues spanking her across both cheeks until her cheeks are a bright red. Satisfied he spreads the lubricant between her cheeks allowing it to drip down into her pussy. She waits obediently for him to continue.

“You are so beautiful baby girl, my only treasure in this world besides my kids. I know that you will neither let me down nor betray me.” He said.

“I am yours forever D. Always here to please you and love you.” She replied.

“That’s why daddy loves you so baby girl.” He said.

He inserts the gold dildo into her arse. It begins to warm upon entry and she lets out a little moan. It hurts a little too but the pain is eased some by the warmth of the dildo. He gets near the tight part and continues pushing. She knows not to clinch or it will hurt more. D stops and does not put it all the way in yet. He toys with her ass right at the tight spot prolonging her agony. He turns it around and around in a circular motion not allowing it to insert any further into her hole. He waits patiently for the moment he knows is coming.

Her arse begins to burn and then she feels her whole torso tremble as the orgasm ripples through her loins. At that very second D inserts the dildo completely into her arsehole while simultaneously pushing his hard dick into her pussy as hard he can. Calor screams in ecstasy while my wetness pours onto his dick. He fucks both holes hard in unison watching his beautiful sub reach the highest level of pleasure. She is so well trained and obedient. She takes him gracefully with ease like a gazelle in motion. As he punishes her pussy and arsehole he uses his free hand to continue spanking her bare cheeks, hitting her arse hard.

“Ohhh D!!!! Fuck me D! Fuck me harder!” She cries.

“That’s it baby girl tell daddy how good it is. Who do you belong to?” he yells.

“My body, mind, and soul belong to you daddy.” She replies.

“That’s right baby girl. Keeping cumming give me what is mine. “ He commands.

She rises up on her hands and proceeds to fuck him back. She meets both his dick and the dildo with the same force he is giving in unison. He grabs her ponytail, yanks her head back towards him and pulls her towards him riding her like she was a stallion. For the next thirty minutes he alternates between spanking her ass, pulling her hair and pounding her holes. When he cums it shoots into her with such force as she feels the rush of his warm manhood mix with her wetness. She immediately melts into a space where she feels no pain. Her entire body is tingling and she feels light as a feather.

Big D pulls his dick and the dildo out of her holes. She collapses on the bed, panting, and wet from sweating. He meets her on the bed and pulls her close to him. She lays her head on his chest with her eyes closed. Her breathing begins to slow and she slowly begins to regain feeling in her loins.

“Baby girl how are you?” D asks.

“Thirsty.” She says.

He reaches over to the side table, gets her glass of water, sits her up, and gives her some water. She slowly drinks half of the water down. He wipes her forehead and kisses her there.

“Better baby?” he asks.

“Yes D. Thank you. You always take such good care of me.” She replies as she touches his face.

“Always baby girl, you are my heart. “ He says.

She wants to ask him why he is here today but chooses not to spoil the moment. She loves the moments after the most. He is always so gentle, loving, and protective. He caresses her head as he hears her light breathing against the side of his chest. Within seconds she is sleep. He watches her sleep so peacefully like an angel descends from heaven.

He relaxes and lights a cigar. Finally he has a moment of peace. He reruns the events at the bar back in his head. Finally he can think clearly and think about his next move.

“Shit is about to get real.” He says to himself.

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