Duality of Love


You are my rose that grew
From the concrete
In you I hope
In you I see the beauty
Of love as it should be
In you I see the man
You are and will be

Keep growing strong rose
Show the world your anomaly
That you will exist
Despite tragedy

You give me
Your heart freely and
Allow me
To love you openly

Beautiful rose
I wait to see
How much our love
Will grow gracefully

He broke my heart
As I watched
Each petal fall
The beautiful rose
That once grew
From the crack
From what it knew

The tears never stopped
As I picked up
The soft withered petals
So soft to the touch
Made me remember
When we would cuddle up

My heart cried out
Made me shout
To the silence in the air
Because we could not share
The moments
The touches
That made me care

Come back please
Let’s just be
The way we were
When you were free
To grow tall and
So beautiful to see

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