Man’s Salvation

Man's Salvation by Fedora

Each time I see you
You peel back another petal
Exposing more of your beauty

Wisdom and knowledge
Roll off your tongue
Makes me impressed with
How far you have come

The rose that grew from the concrete
Needs water
Needs nurturing
Despite not having any earth

But tell me why
You kill him so
With the things that
Make you go to and fro

Poisoning the roots
With tainted seeds
Making it hard
To breathe

The poison will kill
The rose and keep him
From growing
Making it hard
To see his flow

Give the rose a chance
One clean chance
To live
Without the things
That hurt his seed

Use your wisdom
To find a path
That leads to victory

David stood against
His giant armed only with
What he had
He slayed him
Because he trusted
Who he knew

Escape brings a temporary peace
But the rose needs living water
That will never cease
To give him all
To make him thrive
To help him find his path
Off the street

To finally find
Some soft dense earth
To settle his roots
To produce more girth

That shows his real growth
Peace and strength
Proving that he is
Who God says he is

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