The Last Kiss by Joe Brock (Guest Post)

It is with bated breath that I introduce you to my fellow writer, poet, and friend Joe Brock. His words illuminate my mind and I had to share a taste of him with you lovers. Enjoy his voice as much as I do. Fedora loves you.


This is that moment. When we both love each other but we both know it’s over. With one last kiss the tears begin to fall and it’s over. Doesn’t mean it’s ever going to stop hurting, or we will ever stop being in love. Nah, I’ll never forget you, nor you me. Because sometimes life isn’t always fair, we can’t always have who we want just because we love them. Because at the end of the day we don’t really have much control over anything in this life.

It’s been happening the way it wants to for centuries. So this is just that moment of forced disconnect when we both accept it and want better not only for ourselves but each other. That’s true love at the end of the day and for what it’s worth, sharing it with you was beautiful, it was everything and for the rest of my life I’ll remember the way you touched my soul.

There’s never a right time to say goodbye, especially when you know it’s the only thing you can do. You always seem to want the moment not to end, to get one last kiss maybe hoping it will change something.

Even if it doesn’t, it gets me one extra moment with you.
Maybe in the next life I’ll find you again, and I won’t fuck up so much, or you’ll have it in you to give me one more chance. But it wasn’t for us this time baby, but no matter what anyone says they’ll never understand what it’s like to let go simply because of how much I love you. #LevelsOfLove

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