Why Am I Here

Here by Alessia Cara

Serious words from such a small soul. Young adults please listen to her for she is sharing some wisdom you will look back on twenty years from now wishing you had followed then.

My poem inspired by her song.

Why am I here
In this space
That does not
Fit my face

Don’t you see my heart
It’s beating so fast
So hard
Trying to figure out

What we are doing here
In this place
That takes up
All my pace

And keeps me from
The things God
Has for me

Why, why
Do I make the same
Choice over
Over again
With the same people
With different faces

Uncertainty is what
They say
When you can’t answer
The question
About why
I am here

I am getting
Out of here
I am ready
To embrace
The race
That will take me
To his place
At his pace
So he can finally
See the smile
On my face

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