Forever doesn’t last forever. Jasmine Sullivan says in her song that forever doesn’t last. But isn’t this an oxymoron because forever is forever. There is no end to it. Right? But I do understand what she means by her statement.

When you grow in love with that special person you see forever with them. That blissful state blinds you to any possibility other than forever.

But things change and you have to be able to see the change when it occurs so that you can address the flow of your relationship. That first uphill battle will tell you a lot about the strength of your relationship. How do you handle things? How does your mate handle things?

Sometimes it is hard to let go especially when you are comfortable. You tend to hang on out of habit. Most times people are scared to start anew. But once you realize that the relationship is at a stand still then you really should make a move.

I stayed too long!!! But today I decided to let go. I started the process a while ago. I realized that I was angry. Angry over things that happened over a year ago. Things that will never change. Things that are not part of my present or future. So why am I giving my time and energy to this? Enough!!!

Letting go opens me up for new beginnings. Perhaps this time I will have a different outcome. But there is no way to know unless I actually let go. Step back examine my part in the problems, learn from them, and start anew.

Often I have found myself in similar relationships or situations. I call them do-overs. I am actually blessed to have the opportunity to address my mistakes and do something different. How many things have you messed up and wished you could do over?

I don’t always get the opportunity but when God grants me mercy, I take it. I follow his lead to create something different. In the process, I get healed of the things that hurt me. I never regret any of my decisions. Every decision contributed to my growth and the woman I am today.

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