Following Your Heart

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Following Your Heart

When was the last time you followed your heart? Truth is that very few people actually trust their heart and would not follow it. But that also means that many people don’t allow love to enter their life. Love can only come through the heart. But many shut their heart off for fear of being vulnerable or hurt.

But come on there is no way to experience real true love without experiencing some pain. The pain just lets you know you are really feeling something. Numbness is never good when you are in a relationship. It means that there are no feelings involved. Love makes it all better.

Love makes the sex better, more intense and passionate. You follow your heart and allow all that you feel to pour out physically. Each kiss lasts a few seconds longer. Each touch gives more. Each orgasm is powered by passion from the heart. That’s when you bridge up from sex into lovemaking. Lovemaking is absolutely delightful and totally fulfilling.

I followed my heart and allowed it to take me to new places. My heart showed me that it has the power to heal itself and love again. It took me to the place of soft touches, kisses, good conversation, openness, spoken words, real vulnerabilities, and of course pain. The pain was the first indication that told me my heart had found love again. But the pain doesn’t last long because love is quick to forgive.

My heart has not betrayed me. It has not told me lies. It has not lead me astray. My heart has opened a door to a future with someone who is not afraid to follow their heart and shares in the love of words like I do. This is a first for me. I have never shared this with anyone. My love of words and writing comes from deep within my soul and to connect with someone on that level is so powerful and sexy.

I am glad that I allowed myself to follow my heart. It has allowed me to take flight, to really learn more about myself and to grow intensely. Open your heart and allow it to lead you. Don’t think about it too much just respond to what you are feeling. Don’t do anything crazy, use common sense, but if you feel like exposing your heart to that special one, do it. Guess what you don’t have to say I love you. Do something that says I love you. It goes along way and will be remembered much longer.

Open your heart and let it burn. Follow your heart and just go with it.


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  1. Wonderfully put. People want the love without the pain and that’s simply not realistic. Rainbows usually come after the rain does.


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