Marsha Ambrosius “Run”

Such a powerful song from Marsha. She talks about running tears and running away from the pain. Very seldom do I deal with heartbreak on my blog. But it does exist. There really are so many people running away from their pain. Seeking alternative ways to self-medicate, drugs, sex, alcohol, money etc.

I used to be a serial runner. I still run from my heart sometimes, from the pain of love. Yes love comes with pain. You love someone so deep just like she says in the song. “You came in too deep” then what do you do? You can’t turn your heart off. It overwhelms you and if not prepared to deal with it, you run.

I stopped running from love many years ago. Love is scary to me because it makes you vulnerable and sometimes makes you not think, just react. So learning to trust something that is so powerful is hard. But embracing it has made all the difference for me. It empowers me and makes even the darkest situations look bright. Yes it also hurts as it does  now because I love him and he fights his heart. He loves me yet he pulls away. He runs. We run from our love.

Enjoy the video!

Fedora Loves You. Peace


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