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The Heart

The Man
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The heart of a man determines his path. A man with a wicked heart will pursue wicked things. A man with a bruised heart will bruise others. A man with a loveless heart will not know how to love. A man with a joyful heart will spread joy. A man with a loving heart will spread love.

The heart is the seat of one’s soul as it collects all of our experiences with people and determines the path we follow in relationships and life. Many people whose hearts may have experienced too much pain and darkness may develop a default path towards pain leaving a trail of hurt people in their path. Those whose heart experienced much love and caring however may develop a default towards love leaving a trail of people who will always love and adore them.

“Hurt people hurt people.” This is such a true statement because when pain is your foundation you may inadvertently hurt those you are in relation with. Some people hurt others on purpose while some do it without knowing that it is what is happening. I used to have a painful sad heart and in turn hurt many people who were close to me. I was not aware of much of it until I began to heal emotionally. Recently I was able to see someone close to me demonstrate similar behavior because they too have a bruised sad heart. I remember wondering if I was that bad when I was sad and hurt. Did I cut people the way I watched her cut others? I prayed that God would forgive me if I was.

God is Love
Photo by Chelsea Bock

But now my heart has been healed and it is filled with love. This happened when I allowed God to teach me about real unconditional love. As he loved me even through my difficulties I embraced his love and it taught me how to love others the same way. It is not easy to love someone who is mean to you, who has a hard heart, who may not be at their best but God does love us that way. He also commands that we love others that way. Imagine being at the lowest point in your life. You are hurting others, you have alienated most of the people who were close to you and are not fulfilling your best. Then God looks at you and says “I love you as you are.” “There is nothing you can do to make me stop loving you or leave you!” Nothing! Even if you mess and do something he doesn’t like, he will forgive you and still love you. How powerful is that?

But why is so hard for us to love each other that way? Allowing God’s love to condition my heart has allowed me to develop a new path. A path filled with love, peace and joy! A path I have not abandoned. As a result, I have experienced the power of love in many areas of my life and spread it to others.

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