Love Sat King Upon the Floods


Love Sat King Upon the Floods

What do you do when love has you by the neck, pinned against the wall? Daring you to move. It taunts you with challenges. See the flaws this is what you love as well. Challenging you to continue to love despite the flaws.

Your heart tells you to love all of them, flaws and all. You grit your teeth. You fight your heart because your mind says you’re crazy to keep going. But your mind doesn’t see all of them. Your mind only computes the rational things. Your mind doesn’t compute the warmth of their hand on your skin. The feel of their lips on yours. The comfort they bring when you are near them.

So the heart rules for the moment. The love dominates and keeps you going back. But the mind tells you to be careful because the road ahead is bumpy. Always is when you love another. Brace yourself for the ride. Know that you are committed for the long run. If not then the storms will blow you to and fro.

Despite the storms, the flaws, and the struggle his love is worth it. Loving unconditionally is never easy but He loves us that way. He created us and even when we disappointed Him he still loved us just as much as he did when we were born. Strive to love this way including God, yourself, your signifcant other, your children, your friends, and your family.

Fedora loves you. Peace.

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