You either write or live

Mine is quite the opposite. Either I write or I die. Writing is that crucial to my existence. It becomes my way to balance things in my life to dispense things that could bother me, to celebrate the victories and to overcome life’s challenges.

Yes I too can get lost in my mind and it has costs me relationships because I want to stay to myself, in my mind and allow the words to take over. I do less talking than writing. In this 21st century social media age I am much more comfortable texting and talking online than on the phone. But I must keep a balance or my verbal communication skills will suffer. Relationships will suffer if I cannot say what needs to be said verbally.

So for me writing can sometimes be my cocoon where I hide when things are tough for me emotionally. I am working to overcome this though. But finally there is one who understands. Who knows that this is just part of who I am. Not many have you know and it became more of a problem.

Despite the struggles though I am a writer and I always will be. I simply love words!