Men You Are Blind

Men You Are Blind - Man's Revelation by Fedora

Men You are Blind - Man's Revelation by Fedora

The rose that grew
From the concrete
Recognized his flaws
One day he got a glimpse of
His shadow on the ground

The reflection of
His wilted leaf
It saddened him because
For the first time
He saw the results
Of life on the street

Always struggling
To get proper nourishment
From the soil beneath
The hard concrete
Where he lived
Most of his life

Amazed he was able
To grow at all
He realized that
He did bloom

Despite the constant struggle
To plant his roots
In a ground that
Was always against him
Always fighting him
Never feeding him
Never inviting him

But today
The sun shines
Upon the face of his petals
Revealing their true beauty
Reminding him that
There is an abundance
Of life within his stem

He soaks in as much
Sun, water and admiration
As he can
To attract the attention
of the one
Who will adore him
Enough to pick him

He wants to be his best
He wants to give his all
He wants to grow
Richer and taller
Than all the others before him
For it is his destiny

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