How to Soften His Heart – Step 1 Love Thyself First

How to Soften His Heat - Step 1 Love Thyself First by Fedora

Step 1: Be loving and visually appealing

Step 1: Be loving and visually appealing
Love is the honey that attracts many bees.

The first step in softening his heart is to maintain a positive loving demeanor and be more visually appealing. Some women do not give much time to how they present themselves to the world. They will be in public in slippers, pajamas, and rollers, looking like they just rolled out of the bed. Men are visual creatures and are easily attracted to a woman who is well-kept and looks good. I am not talking about being a certain size or body shape. I am talking about looking your best.

So once you have his attention visually he may attempt to speak to you. But how far will that go if the response is from the mean hurt woman who hates all men who pinches her lips and rolls her eyes simply because he spoke. Versus a response from a loving caring woman who visually displays that she loves herself and life, who greets him with a warm inviting smile. Which will he gravitate towards? The saying “you can catch more bees with honey” is true.

Present yourself to the world in the same manner that you wish to be perceived. If you want people to see a beautiful loving woman, then present yourself that way by seeing it in yourself first. It starts on the inside, loving yourself flaws and all. When you love yourself you will invest in bringing out your best self at all times. I love to dress myself and accentuate my best features. It’s part of how I love myself. It can take time to find your sweet spot but with practice you will own your look and feel great about yourself wearing it.

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