Letting Go

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Letting Go by Fedora
Meet Me Halfway by Aquasixio

We care more than we thought we were going to. We did more than anticipated and now we face each other realizing that it is time to stop or reevaluate what we are doing. But letting go is not an easy thing to do. No it is hard. There is no argument, no hurt feelings, no disagreement quite the contrary we are in agreement that we must move on. Only doing so is much harder than anticipated. The string is very long and reaches so far into the depths of our being.

I said the right words and made all the right gestures but when it came time to actually act on it. I chickened out and wanted to hold on tighter. Why was my heart so weak? Why is it overriding what my mind says? This has happened before. We have been at this point a few times. Thus begins a cycle of in and out moments as we struggle to find out what it all means in the grand scheme of things.

So I stand up again, this time ready to go the distance and end this now. It stops here today by this water with the wind whispering in our ears the answer to it all. Today we hear what truth has been saying all along. Today everything seems clear and uncluttered. Yet we only draw closer instead of farther apart. When the time draws closer to us departing we are glued to each other bound by our hearts. Touching, kissing, and hugging. This is not how you end things! Every time we try to end things we only get closer.

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