Our Moments…

Our Moments.. by Fedora

In the morning, the questions and soul searching. The serious talks, the coaching sessions about being your best. The struggle to leave wanting to take that energy with me all day.

By the water, the wind blowing. Truth circling in the wind and words spoken. The perfection of the scene, the evening, the environment. Our hearts speak what has been captured and held so closely all these months. The truth stuns and stirs but never stops the love we feel.

In the truck, on the road going to a pick up. The breeze the silence the togetherness. Him working and being his usual jovial self. His light always catches my attention. Our music, he sings and he raps effortlessly. His words catch in my ear and I hear him always.

In the room, quiet, still, talking, sharing the world the air and ourselves. We closed them all out. It was just him and I enjoying the peace being with the other brings. Not caring what time of day it was or whether we ate, only being there. Intertwined on the couch, touching always in some way.

In the car, sitting, talking, no music just the two of us connecting. Listening to hear the purity of the words being spoken. Light touches, short moments, sweet talks were held on the cold evenings and nights. Even when I was scared the blizzard would kill him due to his pride, I held on waiting to hear his voice and feel his heart again.

The first time I stayed with him for two days. I stayed to be close to him, to love him and to allow him to have peace. He slept so soundly and peacefully every time I was there. I watched him sleep. Watched the stress melt out of his face, his body and his heart. Watched him grow and find his path as a man.

He danced with me in my bedroom. Played a song that described his heart. Poured his kisses out all over me each time he sees me. He lay intertwined until the early morning.

He kissed me. I am so quiet because I can’t speak. I am breathless at this moment. He is so handsome, he is so … So much more than anticipated. I feel so much so fast. I like how he kisses me, like I am his.

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