Man’s Heart

Man's Heart by Fedora

A man’s heart
Runs deep
Deep into the
Rivers of his world

With roots tied
To all that he is
His pain
His struggle
His image
His manhood

Everything touches
That place
The place that holds
All of his secrets
Secrets that only
Few know

He carries his load
Like it’s been with
Him always
His strength shows
In his arms

Bulging veins
Pulsing the blood
Giving him the fuel
To lift his head
One more day

His weight is not always
Seen by the naked eye
He covers it so well
The world sees the man
In full control

Only his woman
The one who shares
His seed, his blood
Sees his vulnerabilities
For he trusts her
With his life

The man who pours
Himself out to his
Anxious to give them
What he didn’t get
To protect them
From the attacks of
The world
The predators who
See to devour them

But he knows how
To humble himself
Before the Lord
Whom he recognizes
As the head of his life

He regroups
Refills his soul
Ready to keep going
To carry all
That God has put
In his charge
Under his dominion

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