Butter – Love is in the Air

I am sitting here fully dressed. I need to go home but my legs won’t respond to the unconscious thought. He has captured me in ways that I was not prepared. I never imagined that he would come inside me and melt me like wax. His presence is soothing to my soul. Much like that of a spring day, like the one we shared on the road.

It was an impromptu trip. Rico had to deliver some paperwork to a client and he decided to do it personally instead of hiring a courier. The weather is perfect. The sun is shining brightly through wispy clouds. There is a light breeze, just enough to bring a slight chill but not enough for a coat. Simple moments like these mean so much. He wants me with him. I like it that he wants my company and not just my body. I mean we do have enough sex but it’s not the foundation of our relationship.

Love filled the space that we occupied together. The day is perfect to receive our hearts. I study him as he drives. He is so handsome. Diligent in his work. I watch him as he moves so gracefully, surely, and confidently. He takes my hand and kisses the back of it lightly allowing his breath to linger. The warmth of his breath starts a fire that goes through my veins and makes me shiver with excitement. He touches all that I am inside and out.

We pull into the parking lot of this grand hotel. The valet opens my door. Rico directs them to our bags in the back of the SUV. I almost gasp as I walk into the lobby. Everywhere my eye lands encompasses a piece of glass and water. It is gorgeous. Fountains flowing, clean crisp glass and silver.

“Hello Mr. Ventura, welcome back.” The lady behind the desk said.

“Hello. Thank you for such a warm welcome.” He replied.

“We have your room all ready for you just as you requested sir. You will be in room 817” She stated as she handed him his room card key.

She nods at me as we turn to walk away from the desk. We board the elevator and go up to the 8th floor. The floors are even more impressive with silver leaf trim on the ceilings and in the rugs.

“I have a surprise for you beautiful.” He said as he opens the door to the room.

“Uuhhhh Oh my God!!” I said as I walk into the room. The entire back wall is one floor to ceiling window with a direct view of the ocean. I can see the sun go down without ever leaving the bed. Rico had the room dressed with treats for me, my choice of wines and champagnes, fresh fruit, chocolates, and shrimp. There was bath already drawn with a robe laid out on the bed. All of this just for me. Who couldn’t love a man like that.

But the most break taking view is the one from our room. I am going to sit in the tub and watch the sun go down while he goes to work. There is someone in the room to assist me with unpacking and getting ready for the bath.

“Are you comfortable baby?  He asked while watching them take me away.

“Yes handsome. Thank you.” She squealed.

He gathers his briefcase and phone then leaves the room to attend to his business. The ladies help me unpack and make sure I am settled in the tub before they leave the room. I have everything I want within my reach. I lay my head back as I listen to the music softly playing.

“This is heaven!” I said aloud to myself.

I became so relaxed that I got a little aroused. The tub is equipped with a handheld shower with a massage head. I use it to spray some water on my face. I was already tingling because I was thinking about Rico touching me.

I stand up in the tub, lightly touch my nipples and allow the water to drip on them. The head of the shower wand is generous so the spray is adequate on my nipples. I tingle a little more. So I begin to softly caress my clit which, is throbbing and huge. I feel the blood rise in me and it sends a wave to my clit, wanting more. I turn the dial on the portable shower wand to the pulsating spray.

I direct the pulsating water directly to the tip of my clit and let loose. I hold it there for a few minutes then remove it right before I climax. When the throbbing lessens I redirect the pulsating water spray directly into my pussy slowly working the way back to my clit. The water rushes inside the crevices of my hole spewing water and cum all down my inner thigh. I continue this rotation until I simply cannot take it anymore.

Then I hold it there until I cum. My knees buckle as the orgasm rageds from within my loins.

“Ohhhh my God!!!” I scream holding on to the side of the tub.

I sit down in the tub and allow the water to flow over my body. I fall asleep within minutes and am awakended to a light kiss on my forehead.

“How was your evening?” He asked.

“Unbelievable.” I replied.

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