Man’s Rebirth

Man's Rebirth by Fedora

The rose bloomed
His petals glowed
Brightly in the
Sun’s reflection

They did not wilt
For he is stronger
Able to withstand
The constant heat

His stem is firm
No longer chaffed
By the elements
He has learned
To adapt
To the concrete

Learned to use it
As his platform
To reach
His destiny

He realizes that
Soon he will
Never have to look
At that pale lifeless stone
Ever again

The rain comes
Washes down on him
Makes his petals heavy
He maintains
Keeps his stature

He knows his destiny
He knows his path
He knows his worth
He knows his source

He has evolved
From the droopy
Flower losing his
Life to the elements
Of his world

To a full blown
With strong color
Sweet scent
Healthy stem
Able to protect
His beauty from
The elements

Watch him grow
Watch him produce
Ready and ripe
For picking because
He is that
Rose that grew
From the concrete

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